The Journal

You are a business leader with years of experience under your belt and a career to envy, but something is not working as well as it should.
Your work-life balance is a little off. You make plans that don’t always come off. Maybe you feel like everything has become a little stagnant.
The Journal is a place to check-in. You check-in to preview, review, update and modify your activities, plans and goals.
The process of checking-in is about setting time aside to get your thoughts, ideas and process in order.


Part One of the book is a series of discrete yet interlocking tools.

If you complete them you, will get the maximum benefit from Part Two, The Journal section.

Who is it for?

Key decision-makers in business. Anyone running a board, a business, a business unit, or a department.

Anyone who needs to create clarity and focus about what they are trying to achieve (and how and when they are going to do it!).

Why use it?

The Check-in Journal lets you map out your strategy and plans in real time, on paper, and map out your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and targets.

More importantly, it enables you to measure and monitor your results. It offers feedback, ideas and pointers to help you improve your performance.

It becomes a fundamental part of the planning and setting up of each week, month and quarter. Essentially, it helps you to take control of your schedule.

What does it do?

The Check-in Journal will help you to:

  1. Agree where you are now
  2. Agree where you are going
  3. Agree how you are going to get there
  4. Take massive action
  5. Be accountable for the execution and the results.

How does it do it?

Plans are set up at the start of the year and then actions and results are itemised and monitored on a week by week basis.

Mindset is the one thing that determines all else.

No amount of the right tools, systems, processes and strategies will work if you or your team have the wrong mindset.

Too many business owners and business directors do not have the right mindset. They spend too much time meddling, working in the business rather than working on the business. They get preoccupied in petty debates with staff or clients. Often we just don’t think big enough.

Running through this journal is the notion that we need to get our mindset in order. And fast.

The Check-in Journal links the planning and the execution…

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe.”
[Abraham Lincoln]

The Check-in ‘ology’

  1. “Keep it simple but powerful”
  2. “Be practical and results-focused”
  3. “Share stuff that works”
  4. “Start with the end in mind” [Steven Covey]
  5. “If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got”
    [Mark Twain]

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