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Work Four Hours A Day On The Big Goal

In Gary Keller’s One Thing (which I really recommend for anyone who enjoys the Check-in Journal*), he says that you should go to your calendar and block off all the time you need to accomplish your ONE Thing (your big goal) to achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly...

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Feedback From Check-in Strategy Day April 2017

We've just completed our latest Check-in Strategy day in London, here's some of the feedback we received... "A fantastic opportunity to challenge and focus on work, on life and ambitions but most importantly, achieving them!" S Ryan-Prewett, Depub "A humbling...

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Not Enough Hours In The Day?

“There are simply not enough hours in the day and that’s the end of it” the MD said to me. He meant it. You could see that he was exhausted, trying to do too much and ending up chasing his own tail. His wife was now pregnant, he had to recruit three new roles and the...

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1 Week To New Financial Year, Ready?

As our countdown comes to an end; let's look back on the articles of the last 4 weeks Year-end Blues or what!  Review/Preview  Objectives and Key Results What are you/we selling? Video Resource - Check In Weekly Preview & Review  

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What Are You/We Selling?

Lesson 1 of any marketing programme is that we shouldn’t sell features and we should sell benefits instead. Let put this another way. I translate this focus on benefits to the word ‘afters’, first introduced to me by Andy Bounds. So, what will the reader/buyer/user...

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Friday Flashback

As we draw to the end of the week: let's look back on the articles of the last 3 weeks. The new financial year is nearly here! Year End Blues  Review/Preview Objective and Key Results Video Resources - Introduction About the Check-in Journal Why is the Check-in...

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