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The One Exercise I Do Every Month

We live in a world where we are totally overloaded with everyone’s idea of what we need to do in order to be ‘better’. Better than we are. Better than the next person. Better at running a business. With all this sheer volume of noise it is difficult to cut through to...

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Check-in Journal Strategy Day – 6 July

Tickets for our third Check-in Strategy day are now for sale - head to Eventbrite to buy yours now Here's a video from our January event that outlines just some of the skills you'll learn: And some of the many positive reviews from the workshop in April:  "A fantastic...

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Bank Holiday Homework! A Bunch Of Fives

Feeling lethargic before or after your Bank Holiday break? Here are 25 things to get you and your business back into shape. Read the list and commit to following through on just five of the ideas as soon as you get back from the bank holiday: 1) Talk to at least five...

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Work Four Hours A Day On The Big Goal

In Gary Keller’s One Thing (which I really recommend for anyone who enjoys the Check-in Journal*), he says that you should go to your calendar and block off all the time you need to accomplish your ONE Thing (your big goal) to achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly...

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Feedback From Check-in Strategy Day April 2017

We've just completed our latest Check-in Strategy day in London, here's some of the feedback we received... "A fantastic opportunity to challenge and focus on work, on life and ambitions but most importantly, achieving them!" S Ryan-Prewett, Depub "A humbling...

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