Tickets for our third Check-in Strategy day are now for sale – head to Eventbrite to buy yours now

Here’s a video from our January event that outlines just some of the skills you’ll learn:

And some of the many positive reviews from the workshop in April: 

  • “A fantastic opportunity to challenge and focus on work, on life and ambitions but most importantly, achieving them!” S Ryan-Prewett, Depub
  • “A humbling experience, which highlights a personable service is available to coach, mentor and guide you. Specifically through work life and personal life, whilst identifying and understanding the importance of that balance” L Cocks, Lyle & Scott
  • “A thoroughly enjoyable, engaging and game/life changing workshop!” S Torkington, GSP
  • “Gets to the heart of what we want to be as human beings and helps us with strategies to achieve that.” A Beech, Vistage
  • “Inspiring, motivating, and practical” B Hellyer, Kristek Precision Ltd
  • “I have done many strategic planning seminars/courses but this is the first time I have seen a way to be self-accountable” Peter Prater, Qtec Solutions

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