One of the great things about a new product launch is how it is received. It is only when strangers vote with their feet (or anonymously) that you get a sense of what really works and what does not.

So, having run one workshop so far, the votes are in. The question was, “What was the most powerful tool of all the tools presented?”

And the voting is as follows:

  • GameChanger: 30%       
  • Best Year Yet: 30%
  • Wheel of Life: 10%
  • 3 x 3: 10%
  • All tools: 10%

I am not quite sure what we learn from this apart from different things work for different people. I think I would have been alarmed if one specific tool was the overall and outright winner. That would suggest that one was significantly more valuable than the others. To that extent we can relax.

We are also blissfully aware that this is a random poll. We’ve not talked about the make-up of the audience nor have we talked about how each tool was presented. However, this straw poll is enough to let us know that there is a relatively even distribution between the various tools.

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